CSIO Chand
CSIO Chand is also known as CSIO (Central Scientific Instruments Organisation) Chandigarh. It was founded in the year of October 1959. CSIO Chand is a prime domestic laboratory devoted to research, design and growth of scientific and industrial instruments. It located at Chandigarh city in Punjab state in India. CSIO Chandigarh is a multi-disciplinary association having well prepared laboratories crewed through highly eligible and well prepared staff with infrastructural services in the fields of applied physics, electronics, microelectronics, optics, mechanical engineering, etc.

Strategic and Defence Applications
Optics & Opto-Electronics
Geo-Scientific Instrumentation
Medical Instrumentation
Analytical Instrumentation
Agri-Electronic Instrumentation
Energy Management, Condition Monitoring & Quality Control
Environmental Monitoring Instrumentation
Microelectro Mechanical Systems (Mems) and Sensors
BIOmolecular electronics and nanotechnology

Contact Details
Central Scientific Instruments Organisation
Sector 30-C Chandigarh,
Website: www.csio.res.in